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Spring Cleaning Checklist


Part 2: Laundry, Outside, and the Misc.

McCall Spring Cleaning Checklist, Part 2

This is the next installment of McCall Spring Cleaning Checklist Part 2. This part covers laundry room, outside and the miscellaneous. Part 1 has tips for the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Ok, so we are well into the Summer now and maybe you could use a break from the heat!  Use our McCall Spring Cleaning Checklist Part 2 to get the rest of your house in order.

Getting ready for the holiday of the Summer, 4th of July, can be overwhelming if you are throwing a cookout for friends and family.

This followup installment of McCall Spring Cleaning Checklist Part 2 will help you tackle all the little areas we often forget about and in time for your next Summer bash.

General & Miscellaneous

» Windows need to be wiped down, inside and out.  Make it fun and fill up a water gun with cleaning solution and go to town!
» Steam clean your carpets.  Most grocery stores or hardware stores have steam cleaner rentals.  Or you can call the experts to do it, while you sit and watch.  


» Clean walls from hand print and scuff marks.  Also your hard to reach corners that hold your cobwebs need a good dusting.
» Doormats collect a lot of dirt.  Vacuum both sides of the inside doormats and hose down the outside mats.
» Furniture in heavy traffic and used areas.  Pull furniture away from walls, vacuum and sweep behind them.  Wipe down baseboards and air vents.  Vacuum cushions and underneath cushions.
» Curtains – a lot of curtains can be put in the washer, but read the tag first!  If unsure just throw them in the dryer on “air only” cycle for 15 minutes.  Rehang immediately to prevent wrinkles.


» Ceiling fans love collecting all that dust floating around.  Get a sturdy step stool or ladder and use a pillow case to wipe down each blade.  You place the fan blade into the pillow case and then with your hands pull the pillow case off the fan blade firmly.  The pillow case grabs all the dust and keeps it from falling all over you nice clean floors.
» Kids’ and Pets’ toys become gross after just a couple of weeks of use, and if you haven’t cleaned them in awhile, now’s a good time.  Plastic toys can go in the dishwasher on a quick cycle with no heat.  Stuffed animals can go in the washer on gentle cycle in a mesh bag.
» Wax frequently used wood furniture for durability and longevity.
» Wax non-wood floors with appropriate cleaner to bring back their sparkle.
» Blinds – use kitchen or grill tongs to clean.  Wrap each tong with a dust cloth, securing with rubber bands.  Then insert the tongs in between each blind slat to wipe down both sides.
» Trash cans are known to get stinky after awhile. Take them outside, empty of all loose garbage and debris. Then hose them down. Once they are good and wet, spray them with disinfectant and scrub with a cleaning brush. Rinse the soap and dirt out, then let dry outside.

McCall Spring Cleaning Checklist Part 2
Important Tip:
Now is a great time to check the batteries in all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  This needs to be done twice a year to ensure they are working properly.

Clean the cleaners – the forgotten areas

» Clean your washer to get rid of musty smells and any bacteria that has accumulated.  A lot of washers have a cleaning cycle that you can just turn on and walk away.  Check out our article on cleaning your washer.
» Clean your broom with disinfectant or simply go buy a new one.
» More than 15,000 fires start in a home’s laundry room every year (National Fire Protection Association).  Even though you remove lint after every dry, vacuum with your crevice tool on your vacuum inside your lint section where you pull the filter from to remove lint.  Little by little, the lint stacks up and can become very dangerous.   
» Clean your vacuum.  Replace the bag, wash out the dust cup, and/or wash the filters.  See your vacuum’s manual for best techniques. 


“Every year, 15,000 fires start in the home’s laundry room”

McCall Spring cleaning checklist for outside

» Dust and wash your outside furniture simply with some water and dish soap.  Let dry in shade so you don’t get water spots.
» Sweep and hose off decks, porches, and patios.  Be sure to get those hard to reach corners.  

Be sure to wipe underneath your chairs and tables to make for certain there aren’t any stowaways, like spiders or ants.

McCall Spring Cleaning Checklist Part 2 was compiled from various tips from Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart, HGTV, and House Beautiful.

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