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McCall Insurance Valentine’s Day Dates

Date ideas to help make this year unforgettable.













And here we are again, a week from your Valentine’s Day date and not sure what to do for your special someone.  We have put together a list of different date ideas you can do this Valentine’s Day in the Coastal Virginia area.

Ideas for the outdoorsy kind, the bookworm, the traditionalist, and the DIYer.

Some of these ideas are even for the limited budget and are just as special.


Date ideas you can use any night of the week.


For the Traditionalist – a Movie Night with Dinner

Try one of the 5 different locations of the Cinema Cafe, where you can watch a movie while eating your dinner.

Want just the dinner for your Valentine’s Day date, but don’t want it to be over so quickly?  Try The Melting Pot in Virginia Beach, just a couple doors down from our office.  A fondue restaurant that is almost guaranteed to take up at least 4 hours of your evening.


For the Wine or Beer Connoisseur 

You can keep it chill and do an intimate tasting at a personal table or you can sign up for a tour at most of the wineries or breweries in the Virginia Beach Area.

Here are Yelp’s Top 2 Wineries and Breweries

#1. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants
#2. Virginia Beach Winery 

         Look through the rest of the top 10 wineries.

#1. Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Co.
#2. New Realm Brewing

Look through the rest of the top 10 breweries.


For the Bookworm – A Library Date

You can make this a day date and go to your local library or to your local bookstore for a quiet evening out.  Grab a coffee at the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble and hang with your sweetie looking through all the interesting books.


For the Specific Interest Date 

We have so many wonderful museums in our area.  There is a little something for everyone.  Check out this list of local museums at


Dates can be what you make them. Keep you and your partner’s interests in mind while planning.


For the Nature Lover – Botanical Gardens

This is a beautiful spot to walk through all sorts of flowers and plants.  And February is for the dogs!  For February, all day, every day, you can bring your four legged canine friend with you to walk the gardens.  Check out more here.


For the Dog Lover

Speaking of dogs, your local dog park is a great place to let your pooch run while you relax with your Valentine and catch up.  Bring some snacks and drinks to enjoy while you watch your furry friend hang with some new friends of his own.  (**Be sure you have your dog licensed with the city before going. They do patrol and check for licenses and dog park passes.) 


For the Adventurist

Want to try something new?  Take your love to a fun and challenging escape room experience.  Where you and a few other people get locked in a staged room for 60 minutes, and you all have to figure your way out.  Think you can handle it, check out the Escape Room in Virginia Beach.


For the Stressed and/or Violent Date

Just kidding about the violent part, this is all in good fun!  Try the Destruction Room in Virginia Beach to get some energy and angst out.  You are guaranteed to laugh and release some pressure.


Haven’t hit a good one yet?  Try these.


For the Dessert Lover

Sometimes is just feels so good to be bad.  Skip dinner and go straight to the dessert.  Try taking your date to your local ice cream parlor.

Watching your weight, look at Skinny Dip for a lighter version so you don’t have too much of the guilt.


Extra Tip:  Go to to see what kind of deals they have going on for different ideas for your date and maybe save a few bucks at the same time.


Music Lover

Look at Veer Magazine’s Gig Guide for LIVE music in the area.  Big or small, country, rap, or rock, Coastal Virginia area has got a selection to satisfy anyone’s taste.


For the Exercise King or Queen

Pick up a local day pass at your closest Virginia Beach Rec Center.  Do a little cardio, maybe some swimming, or enjoy a specialty class together.  There are numerous locations and many activities to do at all of them.  Find your closest recreational center here.

Extra Tip: Remember to tell your date if they need to bring an extra set of clothes or bathing suit for the date.  I would hate for you to get on your date and can’t do everything planned because you don’t have everything you or they need.

For the Workaholic or Worrier 

Book a couple’s massage for you to both get a nice relaxing massage together, working out all the stresses of the day.


Animal Lover

Take a trip to your local SPCA and play with a cute kitten or puppy.  They have viewing areas and blocked off sections where you can play with individual pets.  VBSPCA Link

WARNING:  Don’t take your date to the SPCA if you are not a least considering taking a pet home with you.  Don’t want them to fall in love with one and then what?  Are you going to say no on Valentine’s Day?  I don’t think so.

Sunset Bike Ride at the Beach

Bike and Roller Blade rentals are available at the Virginia Beach boardwalk daily.  Rent some bikes, watch the sunset, and then grab some food at the oceanfront.  Check out Cherie’s Bicycle & Blade Rental.  They have 15 locations on the boardwalk.


For the Vintage Soul

Our area is rich with history.  Check out some of our antique stores in the Coastal Virginia area and maybe you will find that unique gift that will make this Valentine’s Day the one to remember.  Check out Yelp’s Top 10 Antique Shops in Virginia Beach.


Bonus Idea:  For the artistic types, Muse Paint Bar in Virginian Beach is a great place to spend a couple of hours creating a memorable piece of art that you both can take home to highlight your love.

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