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Email Inbox Cleanout


Ways to keep your emails under control.



Things can quickly get out of control if you aren’t careful.

 We are all busy in our day to day lives.  Consequently we sometimes forget to do some of the most mundane things.  For example, doing an email inbox clean out on the regular.

Now this doesn’t sound too serious, but if you are like me, you know how quickly things can get out of control when you don’t do an email inbox clean out.




Permanently Deleting Emails

Holding down the ‘shift’ key while also hitting the ‘delete’, permanently deletes the email from your inbox.  Whereas just hitting the ‘delete’ key most likely only moves them to your ‘Trash’ folder.


Throughout the year you subscribe to different newsletters and online stores.  You receive Amazon order emails and therefore receive Amazon solicitation emails to review the product you purchased, then Amazon reminders to reorder and that the prices have changed. 

You have bills and bank statements coming to you on a monthly basis.  Of course, don’t forget the friend email blasts with the latest joke or funny meme.  Then family updates, Facebook and Instagram notifications… ok, ok, you get the point.



 After a few months of that, emails start to really stack up and then you find yourself sifting through 900 emails to find that one that had that thing about that other thing that you wanted to know more about.  Now was that November or December?  And was that from or  Did I flag it?  Or was it sent to the other email?


You see what I am getting at?  Now if you don’t have the email inbox clean out problem, good for you.  But you are going to have to share your secrets or let us know what fantasy land you are living  in and how do we get there.  Just saying.

So here is my method for trying to keep everything straight and organized with my emails and what I do for an email inbox clean out.

1. Find out about filters. Whether you are using Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, etc., you have a feature called filters. You can set up rules that move specific emails to a specific folder. Here are a couple examples, all emails from your mom would go into a folder labeled ‘mom’ or all emails that say “YOUR BANK Monthly Statement” goes in your ‘Bank’ folder.

Learn to unsubscribe and delete in the moment. Instead of saying you will get back to it later (which you never do hence this article), take the 5 minutes to unsubscribe and then delete that email.

3. Finally, learn to sort and delete. If you haven’t read the last 47 emails from cousin Joe or don’t ever see yourself doing an Amazon review, find one of the corresponding emails, click on it, then sort by ‘From’ or ‘Subject’. Highlight all the emails that relate by clicking the first email in the list, scroll down and hold the ‘shift’ key down as you click the last email. This selects the first email, the last email and everything in between. Once you have all the emails in one place and selected, then hit that delete button! Ahhh buhbye


Good luck! And happy email inbox clean out!

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to check the folders you made filters for from step 1.  Try making it a point to check extra folders at the same time every week or day, depending on your email frequency.

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